Choosing for Wood Patio Furniture

Mar 23rd

Wood patio furniture – There are many possibilities, when it comes to choosing the right wooden patio furniture for your own terrace. When choosing wood furniture terrace some of the most important things to remember are longevity, stability and density of wood. The best wood is the wood that will last long, will not easily curve, have natural oil and will not decompose, but will become solid. Your high quality products will be made of teak wood. However, there are other high quality wood such as eucalyptus and keruing. Be careful with Iroko wood. These are good looking and very solid woods, but not very stable.

Another important thing to note is the maintenance of your wood patio furniture. There are several options to be made immediately. One option is a sealer. With sealers you just have to re-shrink it every year. The second option is teak oil, but requires recurring treatment every three months. Some people like to use both. They will use one year of sealing and the next oil. It is a good idea to keep your patio furniture at the beginning and end of the season. Still the third option is to let your wood furniture have a natural ventilation, especially if teak wood. Now if you do this, your teak will turn into silver gray and will not withstand the natural brown color. But, some people like the weather.

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One mistake made by some is to use the marine varnish, but it will cause cracks in the wood patio furniture and damage the health of the wood. Your outdoor teak furniture should be kept in a dry and well ventilated place. Also you do not have to close your furniture with plastic as it can cause mold. Teak is a timber whose availability is declining because it has been used so much and of course because this price is rising. Also keep in mind that all teak furniture does not have the same quality. The most expensive teak furniture is made from the middle of the tree whilst other deductions can be made from undesirable pieces.