Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Teak Furniture

Mar 21st

Outdoor teak furniture – Teak is a kind of wood used for outdoor furniture manufacturing. It is one of the strongest and most stable hardwoods in the world. They are very suitable for use outside as they can easily disperse food and other stains. Present natural oils in teak work on natural defenses against insects and make them resistant to decay, warp, shrinkage and swelling that can occur when left exposed to weather conditions changes. New teak outdoor furniture has a bright honey color. Slowly turns into light gray when untreated and exposed to elements. Oil on wood surfaces slowly evaporates and causes color change when not dealt with and exposed to elements.

Conducting preservatives or treatments such as teak oil does not have much effect on the longevity of your outdoor teak furniture and will only cause tiresome and expensive routines. You even need to repeat the treatment process every three months to maintain the effect you want. Oil also promotes the growth of mushrooms and moss and produces uneven or uneven colors as the seasons grow. That is the reason why experts recommend teak oil treatment only on teak furniture in the room. Outdoor teak furniture will take place naturally in about nine months, depending on the length of the sun and the rain.

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You may see some small cracks or roughness at some point but it is a natural part of the gray process. This can be eliminated using fine sandpaper, but the coloration eventually becomes more or less even and your outdoor teak furniture will turn into a uniform silver gray. Teak is a low maintenance wood. Stubborn stains, scratches and stains can be eliminated without too much effort by using sandpaper. Cleaning your teak furniture can be done by brushing with a gentle soft brush and lightly blended soap with a few tablespoon of bleach. You need to rinse it thoroughly by spraying to remove residual waste and detergent residues.