Rustic Country Furniture for decorating

Apr 12th

Rustic Country Furniture – The village decor and how to decorate cottage-style houses is an American style decor connection. In addition, the tradition was borrowed from France, the UK and several other countries of Sweden. Village village decor can be defined as rough, easy, immature, unfinished and with a charming quality. Village village decor includes the use of native wood, old surfaces, coarse touches and easy lines. The cottage-style houses are cozy, simple, old houses that can be made of thick stone or wood. The floor in the village decor and cottage-style home made with stone or wooden material. Wood floors are traditionally constructed with empty waists and polished.

Sometimes boards are painted in bright colors. If you like the floor cover, use the oriental tapestry and remove it for visual and color warmth. Countryside decor is about handmade objects, simplicity, the furniture you enjoy and reconnecting to nature. Village cottage furniture is generally made with pine and can be painted with hand-made designs such as flowers, birds, animals, rural landscape or leaves. Use ladder back chair, rocking chair, bench, wicker Rustic Country Furniture and Windsor chair. Large rectangular table made of pine wood is a good choice for a kitchen or dining table. To give your furniture a rough look, paint the brush on the furniture.

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After drying, use uneven wood dyes for older appearance. It will look perfect and rough. Baskets can be used to store wood, fir trees, flowers, plants and embroidery. Copper candle holders, oil lamps or kerosene lamps, sconces, storm lamps, tin lanterns, hidden ceiling fixtures or wrought iron or antique metal chandeliers provide successful lighting for village decor and cottage-style homes Rustic Country Furniture. The colors used in rural or cottage style houses are neutral tones from white to bones, earth tones, red, blue and green barns. For stylish decor in the kitchen, use open shelves, chicken coops, buffets, tableware and storage cabinets.