Why Teak is the Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Apr 12th

Best Wood For Outdoor Furniture – Outdoor furniture complements the beauty and elegance of your home garden. Being a natural product, wood is considered as the best material for building garden furniture. Because most wood is not resistant to severe weather conditions and insects, care must be taken to stretch their permanence. This is where the advantages of teak wood as wood are ideal for making patio furniture. Teak is one of the best, durable and strong materials used for indoor and outdoor furniture. Some specialties of teak wood as the most suitable wood for outdoor furniture are given below.

One best wood for outdoor furniture is teak wood that looks good, smooth, sturdy and durable. Resistant to bad weather and insects, the park bench is made of teak wood that can withstand rain and sunlight for several years even without regular maintenance. Unlike furniture made from other materials, teak furniture does not require artificial polishing or oiling. Teak wood is rich in natural silica and oil which makes it resistant to all types of insects. Teak is very suitable for structural work and engraving designs for robustness, elasticity and ease of use. Teak wood will not decay or break even if it stays in contact with metals such as iron for years due to silica and oil. The density of teak, along with other qualities, makes it the favorite wood of shipbuilders around the world.

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Teak trees are classified as Tectona Grandis and belong to the Verbenaceae family. One reason for the high cost of teak is that it takes around 50 to 60 years to complete its physical growth. Despite the high costs and difficulties to get, teak is still the preferred wood for making high-quality furniture, doors, and windows. Although teak wood is immune to heat and moisture and is resistant to insects, timely cleaning and maintenance will certainly extend its life. The high cost and scarcity of teak has slowly led to the use of other hardwoods such as African oaks and mahogany in place. But none of them match the quality of teak wood. Those are some reviews about best wood for outdoor furniture.